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Welcome to CarbonDevPlus. My name is Joe Tunis. With 23+ years of experience, I can help you with your web, mobile and desktop software projects, including web sites, web applications, iOS (iPhone/iPad), and Mac desktop applications. I can help guide you to the best and most appropriate solution for your needs and budget.

With regard to website and mobile development, Joe is a full-stack developer. This entails knowing aspects of the server and hosting environment, to determine the most suitable language and framework to utilize. It also includes data modeling, business logic, and the usage of frameworks and APIs, to properly organize and optimize the development of the application/website. And finally, it includes clear execution of the design elements into an optimal user interface and user experience, using the latest in front-end technologies. The combination of these skills helps deliver a solution that properly understands what the customer and business needs.


www.carbonrecords.com (design and development)

www.roco6x6.org (development)

www.tapandmallet.com (design and development)

www.chiwah-organica.com (design and development)

www.mexrestaurant.com (design and development)

www.bettybowls.com (design and development)

www.oscar-go.org (design and development. logo by Andy Gilmore)

www.kurtketchum.com (development)

www.vanteon.com (development of previous site)

www.wintonroad.org (design and development)

www.pirtlegimp.com (development)

www.needledroprecords.com (design and development)

www.asburydaycare.org (design and development)


Tap and Mallet iPhone App (design and development)

Having Joe develop an iphone for our pub has allowed the customers to connect with the products and services we sell in a way that they haven't before. We have been able to stay current with peoples day to day technology habits. It keeps the business in their thoughts and raises their perception of what we offer. The response has been very positive across the board. As time has gone along there have been a number of tweaks that we have thought of and Joe has been quick to get them implemented. Joe designed our website and was able to link the iphone app to that. We update our website a number of times a day and the app automatically updates with it. A cool functional app that doesn't add any extra work load.

Joe McBane, Owner - Tap and Mallet

E-mergency Personal Medical Record System iPhone App (development, port from Android App)

"Designed with the help of Doctors & EMTs, E-mergency helps save lives in medical emergencies.

In a medical emergency EMTs arrive knowing nothing about you - or your loved ones. As they work to determine your trauma, they search for wallet cards, phone information, medical records. With no knowledge of your vital statistics or medical history they're operating in the dark, risking dangerous medical errors. Meanwhile, no one knows what has happened or where you, or yours, have been taken to."

With E-mergency, EMTs find your alert card, click the heart icon on your iPhone or iPod Touch, and immediately access your - and your loved ones - vital information, medical allergies, medications... everything they need to make informed treatment decisions and help avoid medical errors in the first crucial minutes.



Macintosh, iOS


C/C++, Objective C/C++, Ruby

web client side:

HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, AJAX, ActionScript3, Photoshop slicing

web server side:

Ruby on Rails, PHP, WordPress, MySQL, PostGres


XCode, Interface Builder


Apple Cocoa, iOS SDK, Ruby on Rails, Wordpress

revision control:

git, Mecurial, Subversion

Project Highlights:

Task-level Time Tracking System

Designed and developed internal web application for task-level time tracking. Utilized Ruby on Rails for rapid development, customization and deployment. Currently researching branding strategies for public deployment.

Restaurant and Bar Web Application

Worked with restaurant owner to determine needs, typical usage and desired tone. Created multiple public design themes for customer approval. Developed public site and administration back-end (using Ruby on Rails) for daily use by staff to update ever- changing menus for both web presentation and printed materials (utilizing CSS print templates).

Restaurant and Bar iPhone Application

Designed and created an iPhone Application to present a large part of the web site content, including up-to-date draft lists, to mobile users.

Corporate Website

Worked with design firm as an extension of their team. Converted composite Photoshop designs into standards compliant HTML/CSS. Utilized Javascript frameworks (Prototype and Scriptaculous) to achieve custom user interfaces and responsive feedback. Developed administration back-end for regular client updates (using PHP and MySQL).

Embedded Web Application

Designed and developed web application on an embedded system for remote configuration by in-the-field technicians and monitoring from a field/home office. Utilized BOA web server, C CGIs on the back-end (PHP not available) which interfaced with low level configuration libraries and shared memory. Converted client's UI graphic design specification to standards compliant HTML/CSS, along with Javascript/AJAX (Prototype/Sriptaculous) support for responsive user feedback, error reporting, status updates and localization support.

Cross-platform Scanner Toolkit

Part of a large team which designed and implemented a cross platform (Windows and Macintosh) scanner toolkit used by client and their OEM developers. Created abstract layers to isolate platform dependent components along with extendable plug-in architecture for OEM customization.

Digital Camera Skinning Web Application

Designed and Developed a web application to allow users to generate user interface skins for their digital camera (supporting various customer models), including overall theme style (pre-defined and designed by customer) and model specific options to expose on the camera (including pre-defined sets and a manual customization option). Developed a server-side Microsoft WiX installer builder, which would generate a downloadable Microsoft MSI installer (triggered by the user via the web interface) with the users' selected themes and options. The installer would handle unpacking the various components and inform the user on how to update their camera firmware (could not automatically update via the web interface, due to limitations on host computer USB/storage access from web clients).

Port of Major Macintosh Desktop Page Layout Application

Part of a large team which Carbonized a major Macintosh desktop page layout application, including various legacy components. Customer returned to have remaining team members convert application and various plugins to Universal Binary targets as well as a re-write of some components.


Joe did a fantastic job for me, and I am planning on using him again for another new website in the near future. He was able to understand my goals and set up the site with very little instruction from me. His eye for color and nice presentation were a big plus in working with him.

Rich Hunt, Owner - RMH Houses

Having worked on a number of professional websites I can confidently say that the Tap and Mallet site is excellent both from a customer and business point of view. All of my bar staff are easily able to update changes allowing customers to use it as worthwhile resource. Form and function must, and do hand in hand. Joe was able to understand my needs and put together a site that worked for my business. He also provides on going support and is quick to make changes when requested. I will now only consider using Joe for future websites. I have already recommend him to associates and will continue to so.

Joe McBane, Owner - Tap and Mallet

Just wanted to say thanks for your work on the Mex Restaurant web page over the past 8 years or so, you did a great job with the original design and have been great with updates.

Casey Walpert, Owner - Mex Restaurant

Joe has helped us with programming and database projects that range from creating additional functionality for a shopping cart package to building a complete content management system from scratch. He always delivers quality work on time or earlier and will work on weekends to accomplish this!

Peggi Fournier, Owner - 4D Advertising

Joe is a resourceful programmer who has the ability to explain complex concepts in way that's easy to understand. His projects are always delivered on time and within budget.

Ben Agronick - liliandben.com | design + technology

I endorse Joe without hesitation. Joe is the kind of software engineer you want to have on your team. He is knowledgeable, dependable, and cool under fire. When Joe and I were working on a cross-platform suite of applications, he always delivered high-quality code on-time. One evening, hours away from a major deadline, we ran into a nasty bug on the Windows platform. Joe remained focused and quickly isolated the problem to the Microsoft Foundation Classes framework. Thanks to Joe's calm demeanor, we implemented a workaround and impressed a valuable customer. Joe is a great addition to any team.

Rudynell Millian - former colleague at Vanteon/Metamor/Millennium

I had worked with Joe for 11 years at Vanteon on a variety of projects. It was always a pleasure to have him on my team for both his excellent technical abilities as well as his great attitude. Joe was always able the lighten the mood in high pressure situations as well as do a great job completing his tasks. Joe's ability to see the big picture on his projects proved an invaluable asset to the overall team's success.

Chris Pane - former colleague at Vanteon/Metamor/Millennium

Joe has a rare combination of artistic and technical ability that is very hard to find in the Software/Web Development industry. Joe's web designs are very intuitive and easy to navigate and his underling designs are modular, maintainable and utilize the latest in web technologies. He has a great eye for color and contrast which makes his web and printed layouts very eye catching. Joe also excels on traditional software development projects. While working in a testing role at Vanteon I worked with Joe on many occasions testing products that Joe contributed to. He has a great team player and has exceptional communication skills. Even under tight deadlines Joe consistently maintained a positive attitude while staying focused on getting the job done.

Will Veeder - former colleague at Vanteon

Joe is a great software engineer and above all, a great person. When working with Joe at Millennium/Metamor (now Vanteon), he consistently demonstrated his expertise in software development along with an uncanny ability to pick-up and run with new technologies. In my fifteen years of professional experience, I have seen few people with the ability to write software both well and in a timely manner. Joe is definitely one of those people and I would enjoy the opportunity to work with him again in the future.

Chris McCann - former colleague at Metamor/Millennium (now known as Vanteon)