Figuring things out since 1993

CarbonDEVPlus is essentially one full-stack developer, but with a deep bench of collaborators, including designers, photographers, videographers, motion-graphics experts, information architects, and marketing/messaging gurus.

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What I'm about

My name is Joe Tunis. With 25+ years of experience (graduated with a BS in Computer Science from RIT in 1993), I can help you with your web, mobile and desktop software projects, including web sites, web applications, iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Mac desktop applications. 

I can help guide you to the best and most appropriate solution for your needs and budget. If my skills don't fit your needs, I'll tell you, and try to find a more appropriate developer/agency to work with.  I can work with clients directly, or agencies large and small

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What I can do


  • Craft CMS

  • Design
  • PHP

  • Rails


  • Android apps

  • Cross-platform apps

  • iOS apps
  • iOS Sticker Packs


  • Mac apps
  • Object-C/C++
  • Swift


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